For the production of stone asphalt, continuous asphalt plants are usually the more suitable choice.

Suitable for large scale production and continuous supply, continuous asphalt plants offer the following advantages:

Efficient and continuous production: Stone asphalt usually requires multiple processes such as crushing, heating and blending. Continuous asphalt plants enable these processes to be carried out continuously in one process, increasing production efficiency and capacity.

Temperature control: The production of stone asphalt requires high temperature heating and precise temperature control. Continuous asphalt plants(купить Асфальтовый Завод: have a more accurate temperature control system to maintain asphalt in the appropriate temperature range to ensure production quality and performance.

Stability and Consistency: Continuous asphalt plants are able to continuously supply raw materials and maintain stable process conditions throughout the production process, facilitating the production of consistent and stable stone asphalt products.

Automation and control: Continuous asphalt plants are often equipped with advanced automated control systems that can monitor and adjust various parameters in the production process for more precise control and optimization.

However, there are other factors to consider when choosing the right type of asphalt plant, such as budget, project size, production needs, etc. If the production scale is small or the demand is intermittent, intermittent asphalt plant can also be an option. By considering all these factors and making decisions on a case-by-case basis, the production needs of stone asphalt can be better met.