的一些摘抄 The most successful people are always planting seeds for the future.

What can I do in the next week that will make the rest of the year easier? 刷题 What can I do this year that will leave me in a better position for next year? 想了解个人权益相关的法律 学习一些商业模式

Willpower can only do so much. You eventually adopt the habits and mindset of the people you spend your time with. Select your friends as youwould a personal board of directors.

If there was a film crew following you around all day documenting your success, you’d do all the things successful people do. Hint: You wouldn’t be endlessly scrolling social media if someone was watching.

The most successful people have goals they want to accomplish AND the systems in place to make them inevitable. Hint: Yearly goals are great to keep your eye on the prize but it’s better to break them into weekly or monthly goals to keep you going. Write them down and put them where you can see them.

Carl Jung on the Second Half of Life

The religions, you see, the great religions,are systems for preparing the second half of life for the end, fo the second part of life.

We have very decent schools, we have fine universities and that is all preparation for the expansion of life. But where have you got the schools for adult people? for people who are 40, 45, about the second part of life?