The Best Christmas Quotes and Captions About Nails

Ahhh! The most wonderful day of the year is coming up! We all love Christmas, it's a holiday full of joy and warmth and there are countless ways to celebrate it, especially by dressing up from head to toe with all sorts of things with Christmas elements, nails are certainly no exception. Christmas nail art has long been popular with the masses, so it's essential for professional nail artists or nail lovers to celebrate on social media. We've gathered some of our favorite Christmas-inspired quotes, and these Christmas captions will help you get the most likes and the best marketing effect out of this joyful night.

Funniest Christmas Nail Quotes

“All I want for Christmas is you... and nail art.”

“Obligatory elf with my Christmas nails.”

“Ahhh, Christmas is in the air. Oh wait, no, I smell nail polish.”

“We all have our thing. Santa has his cookies. I have my nail art.”

“Me without my nails done is like a Christmas tree without any ornaments. It's just wrong.”

Eye-catching Xmas Nail Quotes


“Here to sleigh.”

“I've really sleighed these nails.”

“Really nailed the holidays this year.”

“Life's too short to have naked nails.”

PS: Printing these short and sharp quotes on your Christmas nail files would be a fantastic idea to help your customers make a lasting impression of your brand or salon.

Commercial Xmas Nail Slogans For The Beauty Salon Owners

“You can't buy happiness, but you can buy a mani and a pedi, and that's kind of the same thing.”

“This Christmas, show off your metallic manicure and enjoy the sparkle, shine and glitter with your friends and family.”

“Nail it like a boss this Christmas with these festive nail art ideas!”

“Every time I walk into a room with my nails done, I’m amazed by the beauty of Christmas.” “There's snow way I'm doing any work with these gorgeous nails.”

Editor's Note

I couldn't stop laughing as I collected the quotes, it seems the words are starting to work, at least on me. Just pick some of your favorites and drop them on your social media!

PS: If you're a business owner in the beauty or nail industry, let's all look forward to the magical commercial effect these Christmas Nail quotes are about to happen on your business!