Today I had a chat with a high school friend.

Throwing back to high school life, we found how stupid and hilarious it looks now. All the words we posted on moment now seem a bit silly and too innocent. But also, this is why it's cherishable.

I can't believe we have done the uni entrance exam for 7 years. Looking back, all I can say is still about how lucky I was. Perhaps just with a more peaceful mind in the exam, I got lucky to avoid tackling the earliest “failure” can be in my life.

Recalling my teenage life, I realize I'm actually living her dream (although I don't think she would dream about I'm doing low-pay marketing now): studying or working abroad, enjoying rich cultural resources, and living without those common social restrictions in the Chinese community.

When I write down these words, I almost want to cry. Maybe it is a bit narcissistic, but I so appreciate myself who fought for all of this. Somehow deep in my mind, I think this is what I got educated and became my understanding of the 'ideal life'.

I feel I have known a lot when I was young, now I am trying to explore what is lying further along the way. I have tried so hard, absorbed whatever knowledge I can to empower myself.

There was a moment I feel a bit dreamy. Are all the days and nights we had in high school real or not? If they were real, why the memory is gradually fading away from my head? The only thing left for me is some inconsistent pieces that randomly appear in the dreams, some blurry moods, and some laughs.

I so love her. Grasping everything to create new life. A new version of me, every day.

It is such a stroke of luck that I can freely learn whatever I want, and freely explore anywhere I want to go.