When the four horsemen came — schoolteacher, one nephew, one slave catcher and a sheriff— the house on Bluestone Road was so quiet they thought they were too late. Three of them dismounted, one stayed in the saddle, his rifle ready, his eyes trained away from the house to the left and to the right, because likely as not the fugitive would make a dash for it. 4位骑马的人——学校老师,一个侄子,一个猎奴者和一个警官——位于蓝石路的房子很安静以至于他们认为自己来得太迟了。其中3位下了马,一位留在马鞍上,枪上膛,眼神左右扫视着房子,因为说不定有个逃犯会狗急跳墙的。

詹森:迈克,请你原谅,好吧,我知道我让你难堪了,我很抱歉。 Jason: Mike, I am sorry, okay? I know you feel embarrassed, I‘m so sorry. 迈克:对,知道,没什么。 Mike: Yes, sure. Great. 詹森:迈克,我向你道歉,难道你要我公开道歉吗? Jason: Mike, I'm apologizing. Don't you think we should get this out in the open?

在2021年,一片面积相当于葡萄牙的森林消失了,树木被烧毁程度几乎是世纪初的两倍。气候变化被视为森林大火发生的主要驱动因素:气温上升造成了更干燥的条件,使树木易于燃烧。 In 2021, an area the size of Portugal was lost, almost doubling the level of destruction since the turn of the century. Climate change is seen as a key driver of these fires with the rising temperatures creating the drier conditions that make trees susceptible to burning.

Baby Suggs leaned back into the peppers and the squash vines with her hoe. Carefully, with the blade at just the right angle, she cut through a stalk of insistent rue. Its flowers she stuck through a split in her hat; the rest she tossed aside. The quiet clok clok clok of wood splitting reminded her that Stamp was doing the chore he promised to the night before.


A: 凯瑟琳。 Katherin. B: 啊? Yes? A: 有时间么? Have you got a minute? B: 当然。 Of course. A: 跟我走一会儿。放假回家吗? Walk with me. You going home for the hollidays? B: 不回。 No. A: 因为太远? Too far? B: 是太贵了。我从未在新奥尔良过过圣诞节,所以…… Too expensive. But I have never had a New England Chirstmas, so... A: 这儿的气候没令你退缩? Our weather hasn't scared you away? B: 我喜欢这里。 I love it here. A: 是吗?有人向我投诉你的教学方式,凯瑟琳。有些不正规……对于韦尔斯利学院来说。 Do you? I've been getting some calls about your teaching methods, Katherin.They're a little unorthodox......for Wellesley. B: 是,我注意到了。 Yes, I noticed. A: 所以说如果你想继续在这儿…… So if you'd like to stay here... B: 有问题吗? Is that a question? A: 问题很大。五月份会对你的工作做个正式的评估。在那以前少讲一点儿现代艺术吧。 More a discussion. You'll have your formal review in May. Until then...a little less modern art.

韩聪6岁开始学习花样滑冰,他在2022年北京冬奥运会倒数第二个比赛日与搭档隋文静夺得双人滑金牌,成为继2010年申雪和赵宏博之后第二对夺得冬奥会花滑金牌的中国运动员。 Han Cong, who started figure skating at age 6, won the pairs gold medal with parter Sui Wenjing on the penultimate competition day at Beijing 2022, becoming the second Chinese skaters to win the Olympic gold, after Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo in 2010.